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Tiago Veloso
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Tiago Veloso


Tiago Veloso

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Tiago Veloso is post graduated in Contemporary Art at Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). In this same institution he is finishing the Master in Cinema. His more recent work was made as collective with Ana Guimarães "Mais vale que sejam uma e a mesma coisa", curated by Eduarda Neves for the exhibition "A alguns Passos como se Estivessem Muito Longe" part of Festival Encontros da Imagem 2017. Have been present in exhibitions, among then the work "An interview with the Anarchist Banker" was presented in the conference "Assemblies: Acts of Social Urgency and Imagination" - Athens University, Greece, as part of "The Meeting Room for How Assemblies Matter" (inserted in the program of Athens Biennale - OMONOIA). This project also as been exhibited as part of a collective exhibition at Espaço Mira "Projectos_Processos_Propriedades", July, 2017, and A ALGUNS PASSOS COMO SE FOSSE MUITO LONGE, - Palacete dos Viscondes de Balsemão, Encontros da Imagem, Setembro-Outubro, 2017. Currently he is living and working at Porto, Portugal.