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PERSONA #4, Spaces of Drama

PERSONA #4, Spaces of Drama

Presentation of the journal PERSONA #4, Spaces of Drama


On Wednesday May 22 at 5 pm, at the ESAP Gallery (Largo de São Domingos, 80, in the center of Porto), will be presented the number 4 of PERSONA - Journal of the Department of Theater and Cinema of the ESAP (Escola Superior Artística do Porto).

With the subtitle Spaces of Drama, Jorge Palinhos,  researcher at the Arnaldo Araújo Research Centre and professor at ESAP,is the guest editor of this issue. According to Palinhos in this issue we will find a diverse set of perspectives on theatet, architecture , performance and space, which cover themes ranging from mobile architecture to set design, from urbanism to architectural pieces of singular meaning, but undoubtedly very theatrical. 

The presentation of Persona # 4 is promoted by the ESAP Theater and Cinema Department in collaboration with FITEI - International Festival of Iberian Expression Theater, which runs in the city until May 25.

In this issue, researchers Alexandra Trevisan, ESAP professor, Aliki Kylika, Viral Institute of Performance Architecture (Greece), Cathy Braasch, professor at Pennsylvania State University (USA), Daniela Sá, professor at the University of Porto, José Capela, professor University of Minho, Juliet Rufford, University of London (UK), Michele Cannatà, ESAP professor and Sara Franqueira.

A highlight for the interview that Jorge Palinhos conducted with Louis Janssen, who was President of OISTAT, the International Organization of Scenographers, Theater Architects and Technicians. 

In the presentation, in addition to the guest editor and FITEI, will be present Maria Helena Maia, ESAP's deputy director for research and director of CEAA, the director Roberto Merino, Director of Theater Degree. The directors of the publication Marta Freitas and António Costa Valente and several of the authors will also be present.

Born in October 2013, PERSONA seeks to promote research in the fields of theater and cinema and is a publication of the Department of Theater and Cinema of "ESAP - Escola Superior Artística do Porto". This issue was supported by CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo (uID 4041 of FCT) - Architectural Studies Research Group, axis Dramatic Architectures