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"Minor Bestiary. Time and Labyrinth in Contemporary Art" by Eduarda Neves

Termita Bookstore (Porto) February 18, 2023

Eduarda Neves, Academic Director of ESAP and IR of the CEAA Art and Critical Studies research group, has launched her latest book — Bestiary Minor. Time and Labyrinth in Contemporary Art — at Snob bookstore, Lisbon. In Porto, the launch of the work will take place at Livraria Térmita, on February 18, at 6 pm. Fernando José Pereira and Marta Mestre will present the book.

More information:

MINOR BESTIARY.Time and Labyrinth in Contemporary Art | Publisher Barco Bêbado: https://www.instagram.com/_barcobebado_/?hl=pt