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Scientifically probable

Scientifically probable


By invitation of the Secretariat of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, CEAA, in collaboration with the Laboratory for Research in Architecture and Design of ESAP, participated in the Scientifically Probable Program, in which it received students from the 10th and 11th years of secondary schools Joaquim Gomes Ferreira Alves, Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia (January 8), Vila Verde, Braga (14th of February) and Ponte de Lima (20th of February).

The program of activities consisted of a City in a Scene (CEAA) workshop and a presentation / demonstration of Formal Technologies of Architecture (ESAP / MIA-LIAD).

With the Scientifically Probable program pursuing the common purpose of knowledge promotion, assumed between the State Secretariat of Education and the Secretariat of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, in articulation with the Agencia Nacional Ciência Viva, it is intended to intensify this work and to establish closer links between the Higher Education and Science and Technology system, in particular through research units, and the Libraries of Primary and Secondary Schools.

It is to contribute to the approximation between the basic and secondary education and the superior from the libraries, places favorable to this encounter and this exchange. We aim to contribute to the enrichment of young people's training paths and strengthen their motivation to acquire knowledge, to pursue higher education in areas of their interest or others they may discover.

(Extract of the SECTES participation invitation letter)