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Honorable mention

Honorable mention


The Terras de Coura Landscape Plan received recived a special mention in the 2nd edition of the national landscape award 2018 "for its innovative character at national level, being a pilot project in the application of the European Landscape Convention, in partnership with NGOs, companies, public and private entities, as well as the adoption of participatory methodologies, the multidisciplinary approach, as well as the high potential for replication at different territorial scales. of the plan, and there was marked awareness of the value and distinctive character of that landscape. "

The winner of this edition of the prize was the Landscape of the Vineyard of the Island of Pico "(Autonomous Region of the Azores). Special mention was also made of the Project for the Conservation and Enhancement of the Natural Heritage of the Bertiandos and S. Pedro de Arcos the Local Protected Landscape of the Serras do Socorro and Archeira.

More inf. http://premiopaisagem.dgterritorio.gov.pt/node/489