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Terras de Coura Landscape Plan in the Map of Good Practices and Innovative Projects



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On April 3, forest producers from the municipality of Vouzela move to Paredes de Coura to know the Terras de Coura Landscape Plan.

The Vouzela Municipal Council has been promoting for several years a visit with its producers to various regions of the country, with the aim of presenting examples and good practices and innovative projects in the field of forestry planning at the scale of the landscape and actions against erosion in burning forest areas.

This year, the visit will begin in Paredes de Coura, with the "Terras de Coura Landscape Plan" project, followed by a visit to the Associação Mata Viva in the same municipality. A visit to Galicia, on urgent actions against erosion in burnt forest areas, will be also made to know projects coordinated by Juan Picos, Professor at the University of Vigo.


Organizaçtion: Rede Rural Nacional, DRAP Norte, Câmara Municipal de Vouzela, Câmara Municipal de Paredes de Coura, Junta de Freguesia de Cambra - Vouzela, Associação de Produtores Florestais do Vale do Minho, Observatório da Paisagem e Associação Portugal Mata Viva