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TOMATO PROJECT. body. work. poverty


TOMATO PROJECT. body. work. poverty
Opening: 21.11.2020 | 17:00

Alexandre Osório | Amarante Abramovici | Artur Barrio | Bartosz Dolhun | Catarina Leitão | Celeste Cerqueira | João Leonardo | João Tabarra | Nuno Ramalho | Reinhold Zisser | Sérgio Leitão

The works to be presented fall within the territory of site-specific installation, video, film, performance, including sculptural elements and other media such as drawing, photography and sound. The artists will freely operate a dialogue between the singular context of the exhibition spaces and the curatorial program.

Galeria K11 Paiol Azul / K11 Paiol Azul gallery
Ilha (traseiras da galeria) / workers' row houses, the so called island (behind the gallery)

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