CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo


Ibero-American Theater Pedagogy Week

Ibero-American Theater Pedagogy Week


5, 6, 8 and 9 de september 2022

Brazil: 10:00 às 12:00 e 15:00 às 17:00
Portugal: 14:00 às 16:00 e 19:00 às 21:00
Local: Youtube da SP Escola de Teatro

Free access and simultaneous translation from Spanish to Portuguese.

Adaap (Associação dos Artistas Amigos da Praça), an institution linked to the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of São Paulo (Brazil) and manager of the SP Escola de Teatro, the MT Escola de Teatro and the Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo (CEAA) / Escola Superior Artística from Porto (ESAP), Portugal, invite you to participate in the Ibero-American Theater Pedagogy Week.

The initiative brings together researchers, artists and professors from universities in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, such as the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), the Universidad de la República – Uruguay (Udelar) and the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP), and aims to bring debates, discussions, share experiences and investigations about the multiple scenic manifestations of today.

This is a first activity developed by APS (Performing Arts and Society) – Ibero-American Research and Creation Network, a joint initiative of Adaap and CEAA.


...................5 Sep. (Monday) ...................

10:00 (Br) / 14:00 (Pt)
Abertura: Ivam Cabral (Brazil) and Maria Helena Maia (Portugal)

10:15 (Br) / 14:15 (PT)
Session 1: Decolonial Practices in Latin American Theater
Chair: Joaquim Gama (Brazil)

Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez (Brazil)
Lucía Naser Rocha (Uruguay)
António Peredo (Bolivia)
Agnaldo Rodrigues (Brazil)

15:00 (Br) / 19:00 (Pt)
Session 2: Performing Arts, Research and Teaching in Abya Yala (Latin America) Chair: Héctor Briones (Chile/Brazil)

Martín Rosso (Argentina)
Maria Fernanda Sarmiento Bonilla (Colombia)
Rodrigo Benza Guerra (Peru)
Clara Angelica Contreras Camacho (Colombia)

................... 6 Sep. (Tuesday) ...................

10:00 (Br) / 14:00 (Pt)
Session 3: Teaching Dramaturgy

Chair: Luisa Pinto (Portugal)

Jorge Louraço Figueira (Portugal)
Jorge Palinhos (Portugal)
Paula Autran (Brazil)

15:00 (Br) / 19:00 (Pt)
Session 4: Practice and training in Stage Lighting in Brazil and Argentina

Moderation: Lucia Acuña (Uruguay)

Guilherme Bonfanti (Brazil)
Eli Sirlin (Argentina)
Gonzalo Cordova (Argentina)
Iara Regina (Brazil)

................... 8 Sep. (Thursday) ...................

10:00 (Br) / 14:00 (Pt)
Session 5: Scenical Arts and Community with Other Social Actors
Chair: Jorge Palinhos (Portugal)

Luisa Pinto (Portugal)
Vicente Concilio (Brazil)
Ashley Lucas (United States)

15:00 (Br) / 19:00 (Pt)
Session 6: Theater Criticism as a Pedagogical Tool
Chair: Marcio Aquiles (Brazil)

Halima Tahan Ferreyra (Argentina)
Miguel Arcanjo (Brazil)
Heloísa Sousa (Brazil)

................... 9 Sep. (Friday) ...................

10:00 (Br) / 14:00 (Pt)
Session 7: Group Theatre, Politics of Subjectivation and Theatrical Pedagogies in Latin America
Chair: Elen Londero (Brazil)

Alexandre Mate (Brazil)
Djalma Thürler (Brazil)
Gina Monge Aguilar (Brazil)

15:00 (Br) / 19:00 (Pt)
Session 8: The performing arts and the expansion of aesthetic frontiers
Chair: Malú Bázan (Brazil/Argentina)

Julieta Grinspan (Argentina)
Juan Peralta (Uruguay)
Robson Correa (Brazil)