CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo


Yards of Criticism

Yards of Criticism


Date/time: 25 de Fevereiro, 9:45 – 16:30
Venue: Rua dos Navegantes 51, Sala B7 

09:45  Opening – Maria Helena Maia (CEAA head)
10:00  Presentations by the heads of Research Groups and Lines 

  • Eduarda Neves (PI Art and Critical Studies group)
  • Alexandra Trevisan (PI Architectural Studies group)
  • António Preto (PI Film Studies group)
  • Jorge Palinhos (IR Performing Arts Studies group)
  • Rute Figueiredo (PI Common Place line)

11:15  Coffee break
11:30 Plenary - all reasearchers
12:30  Lunch break
14:30  Parallel meetings / Group

  • Debate on proposals to be included in the next strategic plan
  • Ideas and suggestions for the presentation of the CEAA to the FCT evaluation panel

15:45  Coffee break
16:00  Summary of proposals and key ideas
16:45  Conclusion of the works.

Organization: Common Place line (Rute Figueiredo) with support from the direction of CEAA
Poster: Victor Alves