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ToolBox: Lágrimas de Crocodilo

Toolbox is a series of open conferences aimed at researchers and students in the areas of architecture, visual arts, performing arts and cinema, which aims to explore methodological tools used in the research culture of these various domains of knowledge.

An essential task of this cycle will be the creation of a culture of methodological discussion, in which the resources made available in a given field of knowledge, created in a specific disciplinary and spatial context, can be reappropriated, adapted or used in other perspectives and areas of research.

It seeks, therefore, to promote the development of both new research and critical analysis skills and alternative approaches for formulating concrete proposals, capable of integrating the specificity of each research project. It also seeks to offer general knowledge about the culture and methodological practices currently emerging in the scientific community and in other spheres of public debate.


January 12, 2024:
Cartografias e Arquivos, by Rogério Vieira de Almeida

January 18, 2024:
O meio é a Montagem, by Vítor Alves

January 25, 2024:
Manifestos, by Rute Figueiredo
Lágrimas de Crocodilo – Uma história e crítica da fotografia em Portugal, by Susana Lourenço Marques