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Rui Lourosa
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Rui Lourosa


Rui Sérgio de Sousa Cândido Lourosa

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Associate Member | RG: Art and Critical Studies



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Rui Lourosa. PhD in the Arte dos Media course at the Lusófona University of Porto. Graduated in Art and Communication from Escola Superior Artística do Porto, participant and fellow at the Stage Europeo degli Esordi in Lucca, he holds the DEA by the University of Vigo in the program Modos de Conoscimiento en la Practica Artística Contemporanea. He is currently a researcher in the research group Art and Critical Studies at the Arnaldo Araújo Research Center. As an artist continually develops work in the scope of his research: photography, ethnography and the funerary. He works and investigates the photographic in its procedural nature: digital, but more especially analog, alternative and historical. He continually experiments with the stereoscopic photographic and cinematographic process in the relationship between the generation and maintenance of immersiveness with disturbance and discomfort. He has been continuously presenting communications, conferences and exhibitions about his research and artistic practice. He is a lecturer at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto in several curricular units in the area of ??project and printing and where he organizes the program "VISUA - Laboratory of Experimentation and Visual Practices" is also a member of the General Council and the Pedagogical Council of ESAP and since 2009 until 2016 director of the degree in Visual Arts - Photography.