CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo

Research Groups

Architectural Studies

Based on an understanding of theory, criticism, history and practice as differentiated yet interrelated knowledge fields, this group has been developing both fundamental and applied, research in the field of Architecture, understood here in a broad sense. In 2018, the group has redefined its dominant areas of work. These areas, constitute its main (but not exclusive) axes of work.

Principal Investigator: Maria Helena Maia


Architecture, Territory, Landscape - Coord: Alexandra Trevisan and Isabel Matias

Area focused on physical legacies and their multiple implications, with emphasis on the Portuguese case and international comparative studies. Here we can find projects in the field of architectural, urban and landscape history and heritage, but also the application of research results and knowledge to support concrete proposals for intervention. It incorporates the on-going projects MODSCAPES, Terras do Coura Landscape Plan and Landscape Observatory. 

Strong Relations - Coord: Maria Helena Maia and Rute Figueiredo

Area focused on the theoretical-critical legacy and the exploration of cross-reading perspectives. This area aims to study the contribution of Portuguese architectural theory and criticism to the international architectural culture. The research and study of such production will use new tools and methods such as social network analysis and qualitative methods of analysis. The relationship between theory and project practice will also be one of the fields to be explored.

Dramatic Architectures - Coord: Josefina Gonzalez Cubero and Jorge Palinhos

It is intended to contribute to the construction of a theoretical body on architecture and the performing arts, based on common arguments - as space and light as design instruments -, as well as on case studies and readings of architectural, scenic, dramatic and performative experiences. This area integrates researchers from the areas of Architecture and Theatre. The latter, also work here in their own territory.