CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo

Research Lines


Commonplace is a scientific research line at Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo. It builds upon the CEAA's long experience of multidisciplinary knowledge production ­— that bridges the fields of Architecture, Visual Arts, Cinema, Photography and Performative Arts — as well as on the purpose to offer a laboratorial space to discuss, rethink and formulate new practices of researching and communicating both scientific and creative contents. Under a cross-disciplinary and exploratory view, it targets:

  • To support the practice of exchanging knowledge, discussing contents and testing methods among the CEAA’s research groups Architectural Studies, Art and Critical Studies, Film Studies and Performing Arts;
  • To promote the joint organization of public debates, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and training programs in which tools, languages and methodological strategies from different disciplinary frameworks are intercepted;
  • To foster new scientific projects that may result from cross-disciplinary experimentation;
  • Actively reinforces a culture of international, multi-disciplinary, and inter-institutional cooperation.

Crucial to this research line are the twice a year’s Yards of Criticism, a moment of critical exchange including all the CEAA’s members, and the series of workshops Toolbox, that will start in the Autumn of 2023, in which distinct research tools, rhetorical approaches, modes of representation will be explored and presented.